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Top 3 Favorite Police Personnel in Grimsborough

Rate this Article After working so closely with the many police personnel at Grimsborough Police Department, you'll surely have at least a favorite character? Well, here are our top 3 favorite officers from the GPD! Criminal Case - Top 3 Favorite Police Personnel in Grimsborough

Investigating cases alone is no fun and frankly, things can be quite creepy in this line of work. Thus, thankfully, in Criminal Case, you are given a team of very capable police personnel who did their best with whatever clues you've managed to collect from various crime scenes. Well, enough of the chatter - Here are our favorite officers from Grimsborough!

David Jones in Criminal Case

The most favorite officer in Grimsborough is most definitely a character who has been by your side from the very beginning; someone who has mentored you, gotten your back more times than you can count, and watched you as you grew from a rookie cop into a full-fledged detective... wait for it... That’s right! It’s Inspector David Jeremiah Jones. Being one of the most senior police officer in the Grimsborough Police Department (GPD), it’s only natural for you to be taken under his wing after being assigned to the GPD fresh from the police academy.

Jones is a very well-developed character in Criminal Case. Pretty Simple has gradually drop hints to their players about how Jones is as an individual - his habits, likes and dislikes, and even some snippets of his background story throughout the cases you’ve worked with him in Grimsborough. For instance, in the case “No Smoke Without Fire”, Jones revealed that he used to be a scout.

Criminal Case: Oh My Jones!

Interestingly, Jones is one of the characters in the game with the most hilarious and perhaps somewhat exaggerated facial expressions. In fact, the developers knew about this and added a nice little info about it in the case, Marked for Death. In this case, you’ll discover that there’s actually a funny Facebook-like page called “Oh My Jones!” where people publish funny pictures of Jones to laugh at him. At the end of the case, to his frustration, Jones is still unable to get the webpage pulled down.

Besides David Jones, Grace Delaney is also one of our favorite police personnel in the GPD. She’s the only female in the GPD crime-busting team, but she proved to be an invaluable one. Being the director of the Forensics Laboratory, she’s an expert in anything biological and handles almost all of the testing of physical evidences, including blood, hair, DNA, and soil samples, you’ve collected for her. Due to her role in the team, she is almost always depicted in her neat lab coat. There are some exceptions though, such as that one time during “The Devil’s Playground” case, where Grace dressed up as an Amish woman.

Grace Delaney in Criminal Case

She has shown to be a very compassionate person. Grace loves pets. This is obvious when you’ve managed to save young Newton, an adorable puppy, during the “Dog Eat Dog” case. Grace immediately fell in love with the little animal and decided to keep it. She also loves children as seen in the “An Elementary Murder” case where she tended to Sarah Mills’ injured leg.

Last but not least, the last character that has managed to make his way into this list is Samuel King, the ex-Police Chief of the GPD after committing suicide in the very last case in Grimsborough, “It All Ends Here”. Now, you may be surprised with our choice since Chief King admitted to being the killer of Adam Bentley in “It All Ends Here” and he has even possibly poisoned and killed the killer of his late wife, Shane Kolinsky. How can a killer be a person’s favorite police officer, right?

Criminal Case: Samuel King

Well, Chief King, as you may later discover, has a secret backstory and it is this “secret” that had forced his hand. King is a member of a secret society called the Crimson Order. The Crimson Order is as shady a secret society as it gets and King wanted out from the organization. However, the Order decided to send Shane Kolinsky to murder King’s wife, Donna, just to keep him subservient enough for their nefarious purposes... which happen to include the murder of Adam Bentley in addition to deleting police files on certain murders done by other members of the Order.

That’s not all, in order to protect his granddaughter, Cathy, from the Order. He had to bring his secret to the grave. Hence, in the final case in Grimsborough, King tearfully said goodbye to his team before committing suicide. Although he had been forced to do a lot of bad stuff for the Order, Samuel King is deep down a good man. He simply reacted the way most people would when their loved ones are in danger. He’s also a somewhat good police chief as evident in the case “One Wedding and a Funeral”. After the case was solved, he interrupted the celebrations to request, albeit in a rather forceful manner, that Molly Mocard is to be put on the suicide check when no one else has even thought of that.

So, those are our top 3 favorite police personnel in the GPD. What are yours? Vote for your favorite here: Favorite Police Personnel in Grimsborough

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