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Most Beautiful Case Scenes in Criminal Case

Diesen Artickel einschätzen A murder is never pretty, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any case scenes in Criminal Case that will stop you in your tracks and make you forget about the on-going timer for a moment. So, here are some of the prettiest case scenes we’ve chosen. Kriminal Fall - Most Beautiful Case Scenes in Criminal Case

Despite being hot on the trail of an investigation, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t stop once in awhile to admire some of the more beautiful case scenes in Criminal Case. The game’s not all death and despair after all!

That being said, here are some of cases with scenes that are simply breathtaking. Take a look through them and see if you agree with us... or not.

Diving Shop in the case “What Dies Beneath”

Like most people who have a penchant for the soothing calmness of the underwater world and the cheerful colors that you can usually see on beaches, the case “What Dies Beneath” has perhaps the most amazing case scenes among all the current cases in Criminal Case. In this case, a professional scuba diver was killed after her scuba equipment was tempered with. Naturally, you embark on a mission to hunt down the killer and bring him (or her) to justice!

Set in the beautiful beaches of Ocean Shore in Pacific Bay, you’ll be treated to scenes of a brightly-colored diving shop, a wild party yacht that looks like a hurricane as just passed through it, and the serene depths of the underwater world. The cases in ocean Shore may not exactly be that interesting, but if you love the beach and bright colors, you’ll definitely agree that the hidden object scenes in “What Dies Beneath” are just incredible.

Susie's Garden in the case “Dead Girl Rolling”

Aside from beaches, gardens and sunsets also have a special place in our hearts. This is why our second case with the most beautiful scenes is the 60th case in Criminal Case and the 4th case in the Pacific Bay area, “Dead Girl Rolling”. A roller derby gone wrong, you actually witnessed (in some way) the death of the victim who happens to be the captain of the Helter Skaters derby team, Susie Pickley, along with 2 of your colleagues, Hannah and Amy.

In this case, you’ll need to look into Susie’s background, which leads you to Susie’s beautiful garden (one of the scenes in the case). Naturally, being a place where the victim winds down, it is a place of incredible beauty. The blue skies and the lush greenery are enough to catch your attention long enough for you to realize that you’re supposed to be finding hidden objects and not admiring the scenery.

For those of you who love a good sunset scene, well, in the Performer’s Hangout scene, you’ll get to enjoy just that! Not to mention, the dolphin statue in the middle of the scene is very well-situated, allowing the rays of the sunset to reflect off the statue’s shiny surface while giving the statue that extra bit of shininess.

Virtual Utopia in the case "The Final Countdown"

However, if you’re the type who enjoys a nice post-apocalyptic scene or even a nice futuristic scene – you’ll get to experience both in the case, “The Final Countdown”. In the very first scene where you found Frank Knight’s body, you can see plumes of smoke coming up from an apparently a city under attack from a supercomputer called Albert Tesla. The evening light in the scene and the “SOS” text immaculately embellish the scene’s depiction of the descent of the Pacific Bay region into chaos. It’s beautiful in its unique way.

If you prefer a futuristic scene instead, you’ll be treated to one once you hop into Albert Tesla’s virtual reality world. In perfect contrast to the rather chaotic Lookout Point scene, the Virtual Utopia scene contains pristine walkways and architecturally-beautiful buildings that are backed with a background of design outlines of buildings, like those that you’ll usually see in a blueprint. It does make the scene look like a utopia you’d want to live in despite the fact that you know Albert Tesla is the dictator of this fantastic-looking virtual world.

Mansion in the case “Good Girls Don’t Die”

Lastly, just to (somewhat) balance out the overwhelming number of amazing-looking scenes from the Pacific Bay, we have a case from Grimsborough, “Good Girls Don’t Die”. The case takes place in Maple Heights, a place where the rich and the wealthy reside. In this case, you’ll get to visit the mansion where the victim lived and boy... is it magnificent! There are slides leading from the mansion’s terrace to a small private pool with a fountain in the middle. Let’s not even mention how inviting the pool water looks!

So, these are our picks for the most beautiful case scenes in Criminal Case. Surely, you won’t agree to all of our choices and may have some beautiful scenes to suggest instead. If you do, please feel free to drop us an email via the Contact Us webpage and let us know which beautiful case scenes we’ve missed out on.

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