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आपराधिक मामले की अपील

इस लेख का मूल्यांकन करे आपराधिक मामले एक बेहद लोकप्रिय फेसबुक खेल है, पूरी दुनिया में खेला जाने वाला, सभी उम्र के पुरुषों और महिलाओं के द्वारा। लेकिन इस खेल के बारे में वह क्या है कि इसे लोग खेलते रहते है, जो इस अ˜ुत छिपे वस्तुओं के खेल में नए खिलाडि़यों को लाता है Criminal Case - आपराधिक मामले की अपील

Criminal Case is a hugely popular Facebook Game, played all over the world, by men and women of all ages. But what is it about this game that keeps people playing, that brings new players to this amazing Hidden Object Game.

One of the first things that you see when you play is the quality and sheer beauty of the scenes you are asked to go through. Although in some of them the story is very dark, and often pictures will contain weapons, clues and bodies. The presentation of the scenes is immaculate, with very well drawn images.

The items and clues that you need to find match the scenes and and fit into the story well. There are some really beautiful object windows for you to play through and some amazingly well crafted scenes.

Outside of the hidden object windows you have a series of characters working with you as you investigate crimes, from you partner to your boss, each character is unique and and has their own traits and look. As you go further into the story you learn a bit more about them, and they can provide you with story hints and much more.

Driving all of this is a series of cases, at the time or writing there are 48 for you to investigate. From internal politics to drug sales gone bad there are many different investigations awaiting you, and all of them are unique. With such a variety and engaging stories it’s no wonder many people keep playing till the end.

When you finish an investigation, there is often an optional follow up, more information on one or more of the characters that you come across, each case has a follow on investigation. Although they are purely extra, they can be a lot of fun to play through. They also give you a little more variety, as you can come back to an older case and open up these extra investigations.

As well as working through cases alone you have the option to bring your friends into the game, and they can help you in a variety of ways, and you can help them in return. From providing energy to being with you on investigations and adding hints as do the hidden object windows, playing with your friends is a great addition to the game.

As well as the in game social aspect, there are huge communities surrounding Criminal Case, with forums and websites dedicated to the game where you can find all kinds of information and tips. With so many people playing, there is a real sense of community about the game, adding an important and great aspect to the game.

With all of that thrown together you would have a pretty good game, but what makes Criminal Case really stand out, is the story lines, characters and totally engaging case files. Every investigation you work on has its own mini history, victim and supporting cast. With every case you uncover a little more information and it brings you into the game and makes you want to keep finding out more.

There are so many cases, with so many stories to be told, criminals to be caught and characters for you to meet, with new cases being added and new people to meet, Criminal Case really does have it all.

Beautifully made, fun to play and with a growing community of players Criminal Case is here to stay, and that can only be considered a good thing for those playing this wonderful Hidden Object Game.

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