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Giochi Simili a Market Shelves

Maggior dei Giochi Giocati Come Market Shelves
This is the last scene in the case, and is unlocked in chapter 2 of the case. You have 1 clue to find among all of the clutter. The Death of Rosa Wolf - Wrecked House


8,2 Valuta In this scene you are investigating the house near to where the teenager was found, once again you have many hints available and only 6 items to find as this is the beginning case.
The Grim Butcher - Vanessa's Kitchen

Vanessa's Kitchen

1 Valuta Here you will be looking for 1 clue in the kitchen of one of the suspects, its quite a messy kitchen but the clue is not that hard to find.
The Grim Butcher - Homeless Camp

Homeless Camp

4 Valuta The 2nd scene takes you do the rougher part of town and the Homeless Camp there, here you will need to look for 1 clue around the area.
The Grim Butcher

Grim Butcher

8,3 Valuta In the 3rd case you are investigating the death of Jennifer Carter, a teenage girl found dead in a warehouse in a particularly gruesome murder case. There are 3 chapters to case, with 6 scenes, 5 examinations and 3 bonus games.
The Death of Rosa Wolf

Rosa Wolf

6,3 Valuta In this case you are summoned to the town of Grimsborough on the edge of the industrial district where the body of teenager Rosa Wolf has been found. This is your first case in the game, and is a small one just to get you started. There are 2 scenes in the case, 2 examinations available.
The Grim Butcher - Warehouse


7,8 Valuta In this first scene you will have 3 clues to find and you get your first view of the body. This scene is particularly gruesome as it takes place in a butchers warehouse, it has several animal bodies as well as that of Jennifer.
The Death of Rosa Wolf - Roadside


6,8 Valuta This is the town of Grimsborough where you find the body of Rosa Wolf, in this scene you need to find 6 items, and it is the first scene of the game, in which you have access to all of the hints and you will be shown how the basics of the game works.
Corpse In A Garden - Mini Market

Mini Market

6,2 Valuta The 3rd scene in this case, takes you to the Mini Market in search of further information. Here you will have 1 clue to find, and its a little tougher to spot than some of the others so far.
The Dockyard Killer - Garbage Bin

Garbage Bin

8 Valuta For the last clue you need to hunt through a grim Garbage Bin to find what you need to finally catch your killer.
The Grim Butcher - Breakfast Table

Breakfast Table

- Valuta The last scene contains a dark discovery as you complete the last of the scenes you need to open up.